Insurance Abuse

I am always asked if an attorney is needed for a personal injury claim.  Remember, insurance companies are there to make a profit, not to make sure their insured or the injured are protected.  Please check this story out.

In this case, the insurance company, Progressive, did not want to pay on a claim alleging that their own insured was at-fault for the accident.  The family (since the insured was killed) had to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver (who passed a red light) to show the insurance that their own insured was not at-fault.   If that was not bad enough, it is alleged that the insurance company participated in the trial and tried to represent the at-fault driver against their own insured.

In my opinion, one should avoid Progressive (I would also add GEICO and Farmers).  Its time to stand up against insurance abuse.   Lets work together to hit them where it hurts, the pocket book.   My suggestion, lets find different carriers.

Bad Insurance

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